Georain is a fictional weather modification company that observe, measure and monitor the atmospheric precipitation processes. The identity is based on geometric representations of various types of precipitation.

School project
Visual identity
June 2015

The brief was to design a visual identity to communicate a future scenario of the world’s water resources. I designed a dystopian future scenario where the weather is controlled by "Georain", a commercial weather modification company offering rainmaking services through the process of cloud seeding, a much-debated weather modification technique for generating rain. The technology has been around for decades, however, no-one have been able to prove that it actually has an effect. In my fictional project, I have created a scenario where the technology is so precise that you can order any weather - anytime, anywhere. The identity is based on geometric representations of various types of precipitation, and is designed to make Georain appear as a serious commercial actor.


↑ The dynamic identety consists of geometric patterns based on the different precipitation types like drizzle, heavy rain and snow.

bilde19 bilde1

↑ Georain uses a King Air C90 with the world's most modern cloud seeding technology. I designed the aircraft with graphics that makes it recognizable from long distances.


↑ A dummy of one of the hygroscopic flares used to seed the clouds. The flares comes in different versions for different precipitation types. This one is for heavy rain.


↑ Change the weather? Just fill out this form.

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↑ The booklet explains how the technology works and how it can help people in the drought-stricken areas.